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Before I began reading this article, I thought I knew what being media literate was. Although I was familiar with the idea of media literacy, I haven't ever thought of it with all the components as defined by Potter. If anything, my idea of media literacy was the shallow barely literate idea of just knowing surface things about media. The thing that struck me was when Potter discussed the idea of breadth. As a society, I think we value the expertise so much instead of people knowing many different types of things. I agree that it is important to analyze underlying messages and how that gives the media consumer more power to control the messages they receive. The different towers in all arenas of media at different heights resonated with me because sometimes knowing the details about things isn't all important, but also seeing how the different towers relate etc.

DQ: Although there is importance to being media literate, is it okay for people to want to just enjoy media instead of constantly having to analyze their favorite tv show?

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