What is media literacy

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Potter, W James give us a very good insight of today's media, how we think and how we act toward the media. He describes the different levels of knowledge that people have, and tells us not to take for granted what we know about media, because this knowledge makes us think that we understand well all types of media that constantly surround us. I think the important thing about this article is about how we build up our knowledge through media, and how we use this knowledge to decode new media and information. Since everything that we as consumers see and is controlled and have been filtered by the broadcasting companies and radios, so we can only see the information that they want us to see. Therefore, it's important to build a solid knowledge to understand and interpret correctly the information.

Discussion question: I've noticed that ads appear more and more on the internet, especially on YouTube. Ads really annoy some people, but others like them because it generates them a lot of money, and are a good opportunity to get your product displayed. What do you think about all these ads? Would you mind getting more ads on websites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?

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