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I found the videos on the TV new series UP with Chris Hayes to be really interesting and prevalent to what is currently happening in media today. The first video we saw addressed this idea of no competitors = no comparative or challenging stories and facts. Once I heard this I reflected on what I current see in the media. On linking networks under one conglomerate powerhouse (1 of the big 5) they show the same point of view or ideologies. It was shocking to make this discovery because the media shouldn't decipher how we see the world but rather provide information to help us form an opinion of the world. I also found it scary to hear some journalist are scared to disagree in ideologies with their owners because they do not want to get fired with all the current lay offs.
I felt this video brought to our attention, as media scholars, an alarming notion: the notion that we need to start being aware of the medias messages and their control of content. We need to be subjective with what we believe and question that which we don't value as true. Especially when it comes to news happening in American politics or foreign affairs.

Discussion Questions:
Will we ever go back to an objective media and how do we get there? Or will the conglomerates simply keep merging until they are controlled by one?

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