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Hall's reading poses a new way of thinking about the structure of encoding and decoding messages. He believes it to be a process of "complex structure in dominance sustained through the articulation of connected practices, each of which, however, retains its distinctiveness and has its own specific modality, its own forms and conditions of existence." To me, this means that encoding and decoding media messages is an extremely complex process, and a lot of outside factors go into one's determination of the message. For example, their culture, religion, way of life, belief system, and their own pre-dispositions. In other words, some codes may be learned at an early age.
I think of advertisements when reading this article. The article talked a lot about connotations and denotations. For example, when I think of scarves I think of winter. However, an advertisement could completely change the look of scarves, maybe placing a beautiful woman on a yacht with her silk scarf blowing in the wind in the middle of the blue ocean. My question would be, do you think it is possible to create an ad that everyone would universally perceive the same message?

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