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Reading the article on the representation of the working class by Butsch made me realize how little things have changed since the early years of television. To this day we still see the same stereotypes over and over on sitcoms, and miraculously, the networks are still making money off of it. Butsch attributes the misrepresentation and under-representation of the working class to three factors: network domination, organizational decisions, and the work culture of creatives.

I found the network domination factor most interesting. One of the main goals of the media industry is to minimize risks in order to make a profit. To minimize risks they produce shows going off a formula that has been created and produced multiple times before. They also minimize risks by designing shows that will have an attractive audience to advertisers. They want shows that will be able to easily integrate advertisements and product placements in order to gain more money. In turn, media executives are creating shows largely for advertisers instead of the audience.

I also found it interesting that characters in television series are type casted and largely based off of stereotypes. For instance the "buffoon" Dad is a character we constantly see in prime-time television series; like Family Guy, Modern Family, and The Simpsons.

DQ: With our current economic climate and the vast majority of American citizens being in the working class, do you think this will force media executives to better represent the working class in television? Do you think the media doesn't represent the working class as often or as accurately because they think people would rather see a higher class who they should aspire to be?

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