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While reading the article, "Is Google Making Us Stoopid?" I noticed that I could relate to the article a lot. Growing up with the emergence of the Internet, I have experienced much of the changes that it has brought on, good and bad. Although much of my education has consisted of using the Internet, I do remember the days where research was done in the library by looking at physical articles and books. The Internet has made significant changes in our lives in regards to time and efficiency however, I do agree that it has also brought on a sense of laziness in humans.

I agree with Carr that when I am reading an article online, such as this one, I almost have a sense of anxiety and am constantly looking at how long the article is, how much more I have to read, etc. Sometimes I find myself skimming over online articles and not actually reading it word for word. It seems to have come true that our minds are changing with the evolution of the Internet. It is difficult to do research in books or read an article in its entirety when I know that I could do it much quicker on the Internet or find a shorter summary of some type. Maybe this type of thinking is here to stay whether we like it or not. It doesn't seem like the Internet is going to slow down anytime soon and I think things will only get quicker and more efficient. I just wonder how we can go back and recapture the mindset we used to have before technology did many things for us. It seems to me too though that how you think and your mind set are choices. If one wants to read a long book for pleasure, then do so. If someone would rather do their research with books rather than the Internet to better obtain their information, do it. Some people seem to be okay with the fact that they rely on the Internet for most things and that is their choice. I think if someone is worried about their thought process becoming too Internet-involved, then they should do something about it.

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