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It's funny how oblivious people can be when being exposed to the media, including television and movies. After reading this article, it was hard not to look back and think of all the sitcoms (and other shows) that I've seen and realize that they are all practically the same. Television has barely changed over the last few decades and this article helped to understand why. If there is something that people will consistently watch, no matter how 'unoriginal', then producers are going to continue to produce them. It's just like our conversation in class about the Batman article, and the fact that people stamp everything with their logo on it because it will sell and make money. For example, "The Avengers" was a huge hit this past year and everything from clothes, to shot glasses, to blankets had the trademark on them. I'm a huge superhero fanatic and have a sweater with the Avengers on it, along with a lunch box, and of course the movie itself. I have been sucked into the obsession, just like people get sucked into watching the same old shows, year after year. In the end, it's what will earn producers money, what will get networks ratings, and what will entertain the audience.

Discussion Question: There are so many types of producers (executive, associate, supervising, etc.), do you feel like we need all these types of producers if we are constantly stuck with the same old television shows?

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