Response to Stuart Hall's "encoding/decoding"

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I found this article by Stuart Hall to be the most difficult yet. He brings up a point early about the traditional and linear way to view communication as a sender/message/receiver loop. He encourages us to think of it as more of a continuous circle of production and distribution. He talks about the importance of a subjects "means." He states that without meaning there simply cannot be any consumption. In his diagram on page 223 he displays his encoding decoding idea as a visual. He shows it as a loop but one must encode, program the means then decode it to be able to consume the information. He spends some time about naturalized codes in which is not simply the "naturalness" of the language but the depth and how universal those codes are. I also found it interesting when he spoke about denotation/connotation as strictly analytic and how we must not confuse analytic distinctions with those in the real world.

Hall speaks about a dominant cultural order where social hierarchy is clearly divided by regions. Do you believe that the United States has a dominant cultural order?

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