Response to Stuart Hall's "Encoding/Decoding"

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This article had a lot to it. I had to read it through more than once just to be able to write a blog post. Hall stresses the importance of understanding the concepts of encoding and decoding and seeing them as a process of circuit that makes up a communicative event. Encoding is transforming or converting information from one form to another and often inserting a preferred meaning or idea that they want the audience to find in their decoding, or experiencing/interpreting the encoded information. But in decoding the information, a person's perception or or understanding is affected by their own experiences. Hall puts this in the context of television and media explaining how companies include "codes" or ideas into their products they hope the audience will understand and there are three hypothetical positions and reactions Hall lists in response. This is just the basic ideas and terms from the article as there was a lot of examples to take in.

Does an encoder trying to understand or predict their audience really affect whether or not the message will be decoded with the preferred meaning? Is there really any way to understand/comprehend how an audience will understand or decode something when Hall points out that it can often be decoded differently on an individual level?

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