Up with Chris Hayes and DQ

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The Up with Chris Hayes interview as well as the reading for Tuesday really opened my eyes. To a certain extent, the general public is unaware of the monpoly on our media-- and even when they are they may still think they are in control. I did for a very long time and still have to convince myself that I'm NOT in control of what the media publishes as a consumer. It's hard to escape the thinking that we control what they publish because we have to like what they write. We don't have to like what they right for them to publish as long as we are looking to them for information, and taking them as the expert. It is scary to think that most of the nation only has one "expert" or newspaper to go to, and no one to counter that opinion. I personally don't think that we are going to be able to escape the media's reach in our politics or lives, unless something drastic changes.

What are some ways we can try to educate others about the media giants and their sway on the media? How can we help people become more skeptical about the information they receive and give them resources that give the opposing view?

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