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I was very interested by this segment from Up with Chris Hayes. It's interesting to think about how lucky we are here in the Twin Cities to have two different thriving (as well as any newspaper can be nowadays) newspapers. We are lucky to have the chance to be exposed to news from different viewpoints since the Star Tribune is known to be more liberal whereas the Pioneer Press is more conservative. It's atypical for people to receive both newspapers so people are perhaps not exposed to both opinions on a regular basis and are therefore more likely to simply choose the newspaper that more closely aligns with their personal viewpoints. However, as touched on in the Up segment, when there are two newspapers, there's more competition and more pressure on the newspapers to report accurately and not just completely avoid reporting a news item. This is also interesting to think about in current times with how popular blogs have become as a source for news. The advent of blogging has put a lot of pressure on newspapers since people now have a free source of news.

Discussion Question: Do you agree or disagree that blogging is serious competition for the newspaper industry? Would you consider blogs a reliable source of information? Would your parents?

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