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As Gill states in her 2007 article, Postfeminist Media Culture, "It seeks to argue that postfeminism is best thought of as a sensibility that characterizes increasing numbers of films, television shows, advertisements and other media products" (148). She chooses to analyze a different side of media, rather than shows such as Sex And The City, in order to gain a deeper understanding of these effects on our gender focused society. One thing Gill mentioned in this article was the importance of differentiating between objectification and subjectification of gender differences. Going along with this, Gill states, "...surveillance of women's bodies constitues perhaps the largest type of media content across all genres and media forms. Women's bodies are evaluated, scrutinized and dissected by women as well as men, and are always at risk of 'failing'." (149). Being that media is one of the most commonly used and expressed parts of our culture, this is wrong in so many ways, and a perfect example of the objectification of women. Our postfeminist culture has focused so much on a woman's body or sexual features that women and girls today are always focused on their own personal desirability of being an attractive heterosexual female. This idea has progressed so much over the years that our society has such a distinct idea of beautiful and attractiveness within a culture. This article then goes on to say, "Moreover, it simply avoids all the interesting and important questions about the relationship between representations and subjectivity, the difficult but crucial questions about how socially-constructed, mass-mediated ideals of beauty are internalized and made our own" (154). According to this idea, we are beginning to form our own opinions of what we think is beautiful. Ideally, this will continue improving and our society will eventual have no emphasis or control over feminism and individualism.

Discussion Question: why does this seem to only occur for women instead of men? Do you feel media is beginning to equal out the playing field among genders and objectification of men is becoming a problem or more common as well? Will media ever learn to avoid topics of the sexualization of females?

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