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The right article this time :)

Gill describes the characteristics of the post-feminist era that we have found ourselves in recently. Some of these characteristics range from the overall sexualization of women to a renewed sense of empowerment that comes from being a woman. The impression I received from the article is that feminism is not dead, but rather has become more passive-aggressive. Women aren't fighting Capitol Hill, or questioning normal gender roles, but rather fighting sexual injustice through embracing femininity. One way women are doing this is through women's emphasis on doing things to please themselves, not men. Women are dressing up, putting on makeup, and treating themselves to the spa all to make themselves feel better. I find this observation to be true for myself and many women I know. They dress up because it makes them feel confident and creative. As Gill says, women of the past didn't dress up to please men, but today's focus on the self presents some hope that women are living their lives the way they want to, rather than living their life to meet the desires of their fathers or husbands.
One observation that Gill made that I thought was less progressive for women was the focus of the media on women's physical bodies. The irony is that everyone knows that it is wrong to scrutinize physical bodies so strongly, yet the judgment has become more and more pervasive. Even the Today show this morning acknowledged how wrong it was for the media to poke so much fun at Christina Aguilera's weight, yet the celebrate women for having great bodies. This is less progressive because of the continued focus on women as only sexualized objects who exist to please men. There are some glimpses of hope in this trend as women become more aware of how men view them and are embracing their sexualization. Gill references women wearing t-shirts that flaunt their chest. Hopefully, as women embrace their own version of femininity and act to make themselves happy we can make more strides in social equality.

Discussion Question:
Gill mentions that the era of the sexual objectification of women has given way to women dressing and acting in a sexualized way to objectify themselves because it affirms the liberation of women. Women now dress and act in a certain way because they know they are the object of affection, which gives them their own sense of power. Do you think the behavior of objectifying oneself is liberating and powerful, or more demeaning to women?

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