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I found Gill's article on postfeminism very interesting and informative. Feminism is usually a term I associate to positivity and empowering women, but after the article I realized that the postfeminist culture has almost turned this around on women. Gill points out that there is a disagreement over what postfeminism is, and in order to understand better, she applies our current media. Gill states that posfemenist features in our media are: bodily property, subjectification, self-surveillance, individualism, the makeover paradigm, and sexualization of our culture.

I found her section on femininity as bodily property to ring very true. I agree that today, the female body is considered one's main source of identity. And it's not just any body, it should be a fit and "sexy" body. Our media regulates women's bodies much more than they regulate men. If a man has grey hair or wrinkles, it often gives him status and respect, where if a women has it, she is letting herself go. I also think Gill is accurate with the over-sexualization of our culture and our youth. Young girls are advertised clothing and makeup at a very young age and taught that they should flaunt what they have. A frightening example of this is TLC's "Toddlers and Tiaras". Girls are now being taught that they should desire to be a sex object, so it seems more like a choice, rather than society subjecting women.

Do you think the postfeminist media culture has weakened or strengthened sexism in our society? If so, how?

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I enjoyed reading your post and I agree with many of your points. To answer your DQ, I feel postfeminist media culture has strengthened sexism in our society on the basis that the women's body is still not seen as an equal to the male's body. Taking control of your own body if you're a women is seen as female empowerment and feminist, but the large disconnection between the two genders' sexuality makes sexism even stronger. We are all taught at a young age that appearance matters (first impressions!), so how are we supposed to get rid of that mentality when we become older? Young girls are even taught that if you are the image of beauty in society, you will still get ahead in life, regardless if you have intelligence or a hard worker. "Toddlers and Tiaras" fits into this example perfectly!

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