Girls Gone Anti-Feminist

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The article does a great job of highlighting how although people (in my opinion, mostly men) like to say that women have made it. We have defeated the inequality between men and women and everything is dandy. We, as women, know this is not true and the article as the evidence to back it up. Yes, we have made great strides especially in the last ten years with the up rise of women taking on major roles in society. However, women are still making a significantly less amount of money than men and the number of men CEO's to women CEO's is outrageous. It is interesting to mention that in media today, many plot lines that star women have something to do with women overcoming the inequality as if it is a fantasy or extreme situation. Although women have come a long way in the equality battle, there is still a distance to go until we will truly be equal on all levels.

Something that stuck out to me in this article was the mention of the "bump patrol." This is a small mention that could be talked about for pages. The media especially is obsessed with the "bump pattrol." The second a woman is married, for example Kate Middleton, she is on bump patrol. It is as if women are expected to reproduce any minute after they are married and I'm sure they feel a great deal of pressure from the media, it's almost as if they are asking "Why don't you have kids yet?" as if it is everyone else's decision. It is comical to me that anytime a woman who could possibly be pregnant (eg. many women) is touching their stomach in public (something many people probably do multiple times a day), it is splashed all over the media that she is expecting. I think the media needs to back off unless a woman openly speaks about expecting or wanting to expect a child because frankly, it is none of their business until the woman or couple choose to publicly announce it.

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