Girls Gone Anti-Feminist

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The main focus of the article is based around the idea that the media is actually surpressing gender equality, which I found very interesting. The media has been constantly assuring women into believing that they are stronger, more powerful, and more successful than they actually are. Douglas states that they are achieving this by over representing women as having completely made it in areas such as their professions, their sexual equality to men, and their financial success. She continues to point out that the images we see in the media, such as television and advertisements, also persuade the audience that having purchasing power and sexual power is much more gratifying than having political or economic power. "Instead, the wheedling, seductive message to young women is that being decorative is the highest form of power - when, of course, if it were, Dick Cheney would have gone to work every day in a sequined tutu" (Douglas, In These Times). The goals of feminism that it worked so hard to achieve are under the illusion of being complete because the media insists that they are. When, in reality, the media is selling sex and materialistic views and twisting them together to make today's young women feel like they are at a completely even playing field. I think this is very unfortunate, but it's also brilliant. Not because I am anti-feminist, but because of how well it has persuaded young woman into believing that they need endless amounts of products and material to promote sex, or in their minds power. My favorite part of the article was the part that had to deal with irony. Shows such as "My Super Sweet 16" make you grunt in disgust at these rich and spoiled kids who are lavished with gifts, and because they are on the screen you get to mock and judge them. Everyone has done this, I've done this. "Viewers are flattered that they are sophisticated, can see through the craven self-absorption, wouldn't be so vacuous and featherbrained as to get so completely caught up in something so trivial. The media offers this irony as a shield" (Douglas, In These Times). The media gives women the so called fantasies of power to make them believe they have completely made it as a gender, and to hide this they offer shows you can easily see through and make yourself proud that you can see the over the top purchasing and sex power. Really awesome article.

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Smart post, Sam.


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