Girls Gone Anti-Feminist Response

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I thought this article was great and mostly agreed with it. I'm not entirely sure that I agree with Douglas' stance on "enlightened sexism" and "fantasies of power". She makes it sound as though these media products that depict powerful women are detrimental because they make it seem like the feminist battle is over and won when this isn't the case. I disagree with this because I find that shows like Buffy and Legally Blonde tend to make me feel empowered and encourage me to work harder. However, on most other points that she made, I agreed with this article. I'm really troubled by the rampant anti-feminism in our society. When women want to say something that might come across as feminist, they often preface the comment with, "I'm not a crazy feminist or anything, but..." This is a dangerous way of thinking. After reading the article, I scrolled down to the comments section and was pretty appalled by what I saw there. It makes it perfectly clear that the feminist battle isn't over. This is especially obvious with comments about how feminism is about taking privileges away from women because in the past they were treated as betters and now they are treated as equals or how if women truly wanted to do the right thing, they would stay home and take care of their husbands and children rather than working and having children at 35. It was even more appalling that many of these comments came from women who were self-proclaimed anti-feminists. There is definitely a problem with this picture.

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Lots of good points here, Rebecca. Those comments (in response to Douglas) are horrific! I try to avoid putting myself through that but sometimes it is necessary.



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