Girls Gone Anti Feminist

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The "Girls Gone Anti-Feminist" article was a great read. It was attractive because it was straight-forward and easy to understand for almost anyone. One of my favorite assertions of the article was the idea of enlightened sexism. It differs from the idea of "post-feminism" which is good, because it is more clear about what is actually happening in society. Sexism still exists and is a huge problem in our society, and even more so the media. Women are not seen as having and achieving power in the same when men do. Women are shown has having power because they look a certain way and can buy certain things. The article states: "...the images we see on television, in the movies, and in advertising also insist that purchasing power and sexual power are much more gratifying than political or economic power." The media tells women to stray away from the "ugliness" of feminism and getting power in a masculine way; instead, they are to use hyper-femininity to get power. This is very un-satisfying and concerning to me because the media masquerades this fantasy of men and women being equal, but they aren't- not even close.

Is it possible to regulate our media to show different images of women? Can women achieve power in the same ways as men, even without giving up their femininity? Is there a problem with the women who choose to stay home?

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