"If People Talked About Seinfeld Like They Talk About Girls"

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First of all, I love this. If I haven't already let it show, I am a fan of Girls. I have read numerous criticisms for the program and they all follow similar guidelines as to what is laid out in this article.I feel like with many topics and the use of social media, certain things are mentioned (i.e., Girls doesn't have diversity) and then so many others grab hold to over-saturate this type of media with the same statements. I just feel like this show didn't start with the ideas of a show that was supposed to really get really huge amounts of attention, viewers, etc. I think about Dunham's movie Tiny Furniture and how it was for a small audience. She is young and she is creating things that may seem naive, but are held dear to her heart and experiences. Maybe the fact that she chose to address the race issue whereas other programs who might receive a similar criticism would choose to turn the other cheek. (And maybe that speaks to her age and naive senses as well).

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