Jennifer Newsom Response, DQ

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One quote that struck me was Jennifer's general thesis in that women are only valued for their body, and sexuality, especially in pop culture. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard this was the trend of Oscar-award winning actresses who have won Oscars for roles in which the women were nude in one or several scenes of the movie. I couldn't help but think that Jennifer's quote about women only being appreciated in their jobs because of their sexuality plays into the decision to award women for roles in which they undress. Nineteen women alone have won Oscars for scantily-clad roles, not even including women who were just nominated. Conversely, only two men won Oscars after stripping down. While these roles are often considered artistic, and in some cases very necessary for the message of the story to be told, I believe that the unbalanced distribution of these roles speaks to some implications on society. On a small scale, aspiring actresses see this statistic and feel they have to objectify themselves and sexualize themselves in order to not only get jobs in Hollywood but also to be respected as artists. On a larger scale, all women who consume media can see these films and feel the subliminal message that a naked woman is a respected woman who wins awards.

Discussion Question: One of the callers on the podcast said that the problem of portrayal of women in media can't be changed consumerism alone, in that we can't force media producers to change just by refusing to watch or buy their products. If we can't change the way media producers work by affecting their wallets, then how can we as consumers have any impact on big media conglomerates?

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Hey Laura -

I might have thrown you off last class but the session after break we're reading Gill, “Post-Feminist Media Culture: Element of a Sensibility”.

So you're a tad ahead of schedule!


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