Postfeminism and Sex and the City

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Going back to our discussion in class yesterday, I thought we brought up a good point as to how the series of Sex and the City finishes for the character, Carrie Bradshaw. The show portrays that Carrie's life is now complete because she has found the love of her life. It is portraying that a woman's life is not complete until she has found a man which ties right into the Gill's article on Post feminism. Gill's article highlights how in the media today, especially television and magazines, women are never good enough. They are constantly being picked at to improve somehow. Some examples included are in the magazines that women need to know how to be perfect as a friend, daughter, girlfriend, professional, etc. There is always room for improvement and we apparently should never think we are satisfactory. We are encouraged to know things from the "right way to text message" to the "right way to tweez our eyebrows." Having put that all into perspective, it is ridiculous to see all the pressure and suggestions that women are subjected to and the very few number for men.

Although the show Sex and the City is about the four characters and their relationships, it shows good examples of how women do sometimes cater their lives to men and sacrifice their own. It was difficult to watch as Carrie ditched her own event, which was a big deal for her, to support her boyfriend who ended up leaving her alone anyways. This seems to be a common theme among women who want to please their significant other even if it means giving up what they want. In another situation, although Samantha really didn't want Smith to sleep with other women, she was afraid to come upfront and say it, which may have disappointed him. It's not until the end that she admits it and she never really does come out and say it blatantly. Charolette however makes her own decision to stay at home and take care of her children while Harry goes to work and makes the money, another very common theme among women today. I think women in the media need to be portrayed as stronger individuals and maybe show the men making their own sacrifices every now and then. The lack of strong-minded women in the media does not reflect well on us as a society.

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