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I understand that in this day and age, minorities should be more widely represented in the media. Lena Dunham, creator of the hit HBO show Girls, has been criticized for the lack of minorities that she has written into her show. Lean defends her show by saying that the show is based on her life and her experiences and is actually very real when compared with her own life. With that, that is the basis and story line of the show, clearly if she had little experiences with minorities in the time of her life that the show is based on, I don't think that they should need to be written in just to check that of their lists that there is a minority on the show. I agree with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar completely when he says "I don't believe that people of color, sexual preference, or gender need to be shaken indiscriminately into every series like some sort of exotic seasoning." If a minority character is not relevant in the story, they don't need to be mentioned just to make some people feel better. Dunham said herself that she writes the show from her point of view and it would almost be incorrect of her to try and write and story from an African American's perspective because she wouldn't know. I do think that there are many areas of media where there should be a balanced representation of races however, in this situation it doesn't seem necessary since the show is based on Dunham's life and experiences. However, I do applaud Dunham in that she says she would be open to writing in some minorities, if it fit the story line and they seemed relevant.

Lena Dunham is a very gifted and successful writer and actor but above all things she is very young as well, 26. I feel that with her young age, she is an easy target to be knocked and criticized, especially by her superiors, for her work, causing her to have to defend it. I think she handled the situation with poise and grace and proved herself.

DQ: In which areas of media do you think that there should be a balanced represention of race, gender, etc? In which areas do you think that is acceptable to have a dominant representation?

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