Sex and the City and Post Feminism

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In class on Tuesday we watched an episode of Sex and the City as a media example for post-feminism in relation to Gill's article. Part of the class discussion touched on the idea that in order for a woman to get what she wants, she needs to be rescued and the use of material objects will help along the way. In the end Mr. Big, the rich hero, comes in and saves poor Carrie from her expensive suite in Paris. My question and elaboration isn't so much focused on the obvious notions of Sex in the City in relation to post-feminism, but why does this keep happening? It has been the same story spewed, to women, time and time again. "We need things to feel happy!" "We need a man to be happy!" I know this is a part of a long engrained history, but we can't get away from it. There is a similarity here as we discussed about race and its portrayal on television. It is rare that it is handled well if at all without perpetuating some stereotype or some other implication in its portrayal. On both subjects we have a double-edged sword. No matter the representation, it just isn't right! Our history has had many turning points in both cases where obviously politically, things have changed, but socially we are stuck. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. You can change the rules, but not everyone is going to follow them. Here is where the media steps in and has taken varying directions. They choose what they want portrayed and how, but with anything there is some sort of a backlash. It is an endless circle that I can only see being resolved in time. No big leaps are going to be made, but the more discussion there is and the closer these topics come to the surface, the easier it will be to advance into a more distinct form of equality.
Discussion Question: Do you think television is perpetuating acceptable ideals about women to women? Why or why not? What changes, if any, do you think should take place?

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