Week 9 - "Postfeminist Media Culture: Elements of a Sensibility"

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Rosalind Gill's article was a refreshing read on postfeminism. We all have an idea about what it is, but the actual definition of the movement is hard to define. She mentions more than just the objectification of a women's body or the male gaze (which we hear a lot about but are we actually doing anything to shift it away?). Instead she describes postfeminism as a "sensibility, made up of a number of interrelated themes" (165) which does include the objectifying of the female body, but also the reinvention and maintenance of the female body as a source of empowerment for women and the "natural sexual difference" of a female body overall.

What was most interesting to me in the whole article was the discussion about how there seems to be some success in the feminism movement because the male gaze no longer controls the female body -- women control the male gaze by using their sexuality as a power over the man, "leaving him wanting more" (173). I too, thought this was female empowerment until really analyzing the process of it all (make up paradigm, self -surveillance and discipline, etc.). This is seen as female empowerment but it also seems to be an illusion in the sense that women are still low key being objectified in media.Their bodies are still being used as an object, and this time as the subject of power, but nonetheless, still seen as a sexual object and subject. Yes, women are maintaining their lives and choosing how (inside: emotionally and outside: physically), but at the same time they are constantly being told how to do so from all sorts of various media outlets. So at the end of the day, women are still being told what to do within social norms in which men approve. In other words, I don't feel that the postfeminism movement has lived up to all the hype.

Discussion Question: Even if women had the same rights as men, would they (could they) ever be considered as equal genders?

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