Everything New is Old Again

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I really enjoyed reading this article. I love all things sports. I have played sports all my life and have grown up watching them on television and in real life. The article was interesting to me because the author talked about how sports have so many different platforms and have all this "new" media. I am currently pursuing a new media minor, so I am very familiar with this term. There are so many new platforms to access sports. Mobile applications, twitter, live streaming, online news, and many more. I do agree with author when she says "Formally or textually, through both visual and aural means, sport programming has regularly been the site through which new modes of television technology, aestetics, and the address have been introduced, and by which viewers have become familiar with and been encouraged to adoupt new technologies and applications" She goes into talk about HDTV. I can relate to this because when I think about the people I know who watch sports, they would never watch a football that was not in HD. The picture is just so much better than a regular screen and so important when viewing a game on television. Johnson also talks about how watching the game from home is "ironically better" than being there. I think there is some truth to this statement. The home viewer has everything they need at home, good sound, multiple views and angles from the game and they always know what's going on. However, it is not the same experience fans get being at the physical game and seeing things "live".
I do not think that watching the game at home will ever replace people going to games. Humans have been watching sports for hundreds of years, the architecture of the arena is modeled after the colosseum. Americans love to watch sports physically in the moment and it will always be a favorite American pastime.
DQ: What other possible technological advancements can you see being made in the future in regard to the sport industry? How will that change viewership at home and physical presence at sports games?

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