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Johnson began the article by talking about the interest in sports on both sides of the market, which makes complete sense to me. Having played sports throughout my life I can see why media companies continue to buy the rights to sporting events. They are usually safe t.v., aside from the Janet Jackson incident that Johnson points out, sports are a family friendly event. And as long as there is a market and an audience for sports companies will continue to purchase the rights. Sports are a big enough media medium that there are multiple television channels that deal strictly with sports. Johnson talks about how sports have been crucial to the success of superstations on cable. I completely agree with her statement as events like the super bowl draw a huge crowd. She talks about the hybrid quality of sports which was an interesting take to me. I agree with her because she makes a great point about how unpredictable sports are. That is one of the greatest things about sports, anything can happen. This reason is the same reason that the NCAA basketball tournament has become such a huge deal, because anything can happen in the tournament. Overall I found the article to be one of the more interesting articles this year, due to my fondness of sports.

DQ: As Johnson pointed sports have been in the media for a long time, how long will we continue to see sports as a medium? Do you see them being around forever?

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In a response to your question- Sports have been around for thousands of years and I think they've stood the test of time for so long because humans have such a competative nature. Not to mention,sports are fun so people not only love to play them but watch as well. I guess I can't say wheter or not they'll be around forever, but they've lasted this long and I don't see them going away anytime soon. As long as sports are popular and people are making money, they will continue to be a big part of the media.

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