Johnson article response and DQ

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I thought the introduction to this article was really interesting. Johnson began by discussing the attraction of sports to both the producer and consumer. She stated that the 'old-entertainment' appeal of sports television has allowed for network stability because viewers constantly tune in because there has always been high demand for sports television and always will be. This is very evident when I think about how sports bars and living rooms arecked full of people and why so many are intersted in this game, when they could be doing or watching something else. I feel like the uncertainty of the outcome of the games results in a competative aspect, adding to the excitement of watching sports.

Johnson introduced the idea of "water-cooler talk" or "highlights" as part of the appeal of sports television. As I read this, I began to think about how prevalent this 'highlight' coverage is becoming outside of the realm of sports. Our news coverage has begun to operate in this 'sound bite' manner by providing constant coverage on almost anything. We are quickly given pieces of information and then they move onto the next topic. I thought this article is very interesting in terms of how it describes the correlation between sports and network television.

Do you feel that these ideas transcended from the realm of sports? Why are we so interested in receiving highlights rather than in depth news coverage?

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