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I actually got kind of excited just by reading the title because I am a huge sports fan! I love basketball, football, and baseball (I even work at Target Field). In fact after reading one of the first sentences regarding 2008 being one of the strongest years ever for sports television, I automatically patted myself on the back for my contribution. No matter how much our world becomes technologically based, I find it hard to believe that sport "television" is being consumed and discussed off television. I'm definitely not surprised by the fact that video streaming and other internet options have become popular, but it is shocking to read that it is a fact and that people would prefer it that way. After all, don't quite a bit of people (men in particular), fit the stereotype of needing to be home to watch "the game" because it's not the same if you record it or watch it somehow later? On that note, it is obvious that "within the business of television, sports is hybrid" in more ways than one. Take scheduling for example. If you watch a lot of sports, you can usually guesstimate how long a game will last, but you can never know for sure how long it is going to be. Baseball for example, has nine innings and usually lasts about three hours. However, if the game is tied by the end, they are forced to go into extra innings, making the game longer. Just last week my sister and I were getting ready to watch "The Amazing Race" on CBS but a basketball game ran late so it didn't start on time. Another way sports are a form of "hybrid" television is the fact that people tend to learn about the new technologies while watching them. These days your cable provider provides different channels in HD, what is the next step in technological advance? I don't know, but i'm sure sports will be one of the first areas to introduce it to us.

Discussion Question: Do you agree that when it comes to television, sports is a perfect example of a "hybrid" genre? Is this a good thing, will it motivate you to watch more or less?

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