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Victoria Johnson's article titled "Everything New is Old Again" is about the changing media climate and content delivery of news, in particular sports. Johnson starts out her article by referring to sports as "water-cooler talk". This means that sports are a topic of public interest that will engage consumers in a collective way. She says that the circulation of media is now changing to instantaneous circulation with the presence of notifications and news information online and to our mobile devices. Like NBC did in the 2008 Olympics, companies are having to come up with ways to keep conversation going after the events air on television. They did this through the use of video streaming online and news to mobile phones. The 2008 saw remarkable viewership ratings for NBC because of their online and mobile viewership.

Johnson is quick to point out that sports news has constantly been the innovator is news circulation. She says that in TV, sports are hybrids because of scheduling, viewing rituals and the fact that they are considered to be communal in comparison with intimate. She says that as sports circulation is becoming more mobile and online, it is being more tailored to an individual instead of community.

Do you think mobile and online news circulation will ever completely overtake the need for television broadcasts?

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