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nJohnson's article is about the coverage of sports and about sports channel in the U.S media history. First interesting point is that many Americans really like sports. This makes me think about how many of them are big fan of sports games? Networks penetrate that point. Of course, I agree that brining sports to television were beneficial to both broadcasting business and big sports fan. Bring sports to television has contributed to network stability, and also audience could get convenience in watching sports game through sports channels. I also have experiences that I watched "highlight" of sports game through sports channels. They repeat the highlight all day. This was because I could not sit in front of a television on time. Also, I could watch news about various sports game for short time. Nowadays, there are many developed devices such as smart phones or tablet, which allow people to use internet and watch sports or get information about sports game. The interesting thing is that when people watch sports game on television, they can feel a part of community while they can feel individual when watching sports game on other devices. People tend to watch sports game together. I felt it when I went to sports bar. When a big match of football game, many people go to bar and watch together. Although there are many other devices, television showing sports game is still powerful medium.

Currently, networks make apps or other systems on-line for their sports channels. In order to make people feel united or part of a community, what they should promote? How development of other mobile devices for broadcasting sports game can be part of culture?

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