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Johnson opens the article by telling us stories of how he used to get his information from the media in the late 80's and early 90's. He notes that there was a big increase in 1993 and with the internet people were getting there information quicker than ever. Instead of receiving one magazine per month he can read several articles about Mac uploaded daily. My favorite point by Johnson comes in the second section when he states that the internet doesn't cover news better but rather it covers it faster. I think that comment is spot on, with things like twitter and blogging sites nowadays you can get your news seconds after it breaks and even before T.V. breaks it. When talking about politics he noted that has changed as well. When he followed the 1992 election the only medium left from when he followed was crossfire. This goes to show how much our media in politics has changed drastically. Johnson says that we will look back upon the old growth media and think of it as a disguised desert that was a rain forest of news. Johnson concludes that there will be more content and information than ever. I thought it was extremely interesting that he said that the newspaper audience was growing. I found this article overall a good article that was insightful as he narrated us through his experience of watching technology within the media grow.

DQ: Johnson states that the newspaper audience has slightly increased recently. Do you see this as a continuing trend or do you see the internet diminishing the audience of the newspaper over time?

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After reading all these articles about how newspapers and going bankrupt and cities are without a local paper, it was weird to read that there has been an increase in newspaper readership. With that said, I don't think that that will continue. With the internet and all the other forms of new media, I think that over time they will ultimatley fade out. The major papers like the New York Times might be an exception just because of it's popularity and validity. It's really too bad because, as we talked about it class, the profesionalism in journalism is something that should be valued. The fact that anyone can write and publish anything they want is scary to me because our a lot of our population is not media literate or just oblivious to whats really happening and will believe anything they read.

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