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Johnson's article is definitely that can be interesting to nearly everyone because sports has been such a large part of our culture and media. I have always wondered how much the sports industry makes in our media since it is so large. It was intriguing to find out that FOX offered $1.58 billion to the NFL for rights. It seems a little ridiculous to me that the NFL makes that much just on media coverage alone.

One thing brought up was the problem that comes along with "live" sporting events on television and how it interferes with "regular television flow." I can agree with this completely. I know myself along with my mom get very annoyed especially around March Madness time because our regular shows are nearly always delayed. I don't mind so much when it is some sporting even that I like to watch, but this is just evidence of the networks reaching out to their audiences...many people who want to watch many sporting events, especially basketball and March Madness. I also think it's important to look at how sport being such a large part of our culture has such a large holding in our media. Through this article I think it is important to take away how many trends and ideas about our culture get such a strong hold in the media and how hard it is to change. I think often times something we see in our culture that has such a strong hold in it will transform into the media because they will try their best to sell us what we want...whether it be sports or women (as we have discussed how much they are sexualized).

I also thought that when she discussed how technology has changed how we view sports hit home. I don't get the channel that the Wild or Twins are on (FoxSportsNorth) so I go to my phone or the internet to keep up on what is going on. I think she brought up a good point that media outlets are able to expand who they reach because of the changing technologies and how we access what we want to watch.

Discussion Question: Will there always be a strong hold on sporting entertainment in the mass network-era or do you think there will be a falling out? Why?

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