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This article was very insightful when dissecting this new age of interactive technology and its effects. According to the article products such as, NikeiD, are creating a world of more democratic choices in products. The unique individuality of products allows the customers to be part of the production and consuming process. However, customers are failing to understand these companies are benefiting from these personalized choices. It allows the companies to collect free data to market more successful to consumers.

The author also addresses products that are increasing the need for voyeurism in our culture. We constantly want to track our kids or know where our spouse is. These personalized technologies that offer this feature are creating a culture that is hooked on surveillance. There have even been products introduced to help law enforcement decrease crime.

Discussion Question:
In the article, the author makes the claim that interactive technology allows the consumer to become involved in creating mass consumer culture trough our individual choices. However, do you think we the audience are creating a new form of culture through personalization or reiterating the current formats in a false facade?

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