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This discussion is interesting to me especially because of my boyfriend's interest in advertising. He is trying to work in this field after college and loves to talk about different campaigns and effective advertising. Interactive advertising is an interesting approach because of its capitalization on individuality. Constantly the media recognizes what is culturally important, then that object becomes a commodity. The producers sell back our own ideas again and again. This form of production involving the consumer brings these commodities to new levels. Instead of seeking out what is popular, through research, surveys, etc. the population comes to them, creates the product they most desire and pay for their design work. Although there is this idea that it is a democratic version of consumption, it isn't as ideal for the consumer. On the surface the consumer is supposedly getting exactly what they want. Who hasn't thought to themselves "I would like this item of clothing, and the like, if it were a different color"? These producers brings these ideas to the forefront so that they finally have the option. Participating helps these corporations make more money and better understand their audience's desires. This brings up an interesting idea about what will be culturally perpetuated instead of the top-down effect.

DQ: Will more ideas and products be centered around users or will the producers find more ways to maintain a sense of control?

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