Miss Representation

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I was looking through the blogs I've written to try to decide what to blog about for extra credit when I realized that I'd never blogged specifically about Miss Representation. I thought this was a fantastic documentary. I had watched the first 2/3 or so previously in another class and I still remember how much it resonated with me after that first viewing. I don't think we ever realize how deeply we've internalized some of these things until they're shown to us and there's sort of an "aha!" moment. For example, when they were discussing political efficacy and how female politicians are treated in the media, it was extremely striking for me. It's one thing for celebrities to be criticized for their appearance, but it's entirely different when the same is being done to politicians. That a woman's "cankles" are supposed to have some bearing on her ability to be a good leader is appalling.

It also made me reconsider the way we women judge each other and ourselves. Gill's article on postfeminism talks a bit about this self-surveillance and our need to constantly be vigilant lest we fail to fit society's ideals at any given moment. The media have trained women to be overly critical of each other and that strong female relationships don't function without cattiness and back-stabbing. I've never been the type of person who has a lot of female friends, so this segment of the documentary really made me think about why that is and self-evaluate. All in all, Miss Representation was a very insightful look at how our media are sculpting our perception of the world.

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