The Mud Pie

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This was -THE- vegetarian restaurant to go to in Minneapolis for the longest time. No meat whatsoever on the menu, lots of whole and healthy foods. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. They were located close to Lake and Lyndale Ave (or was it Lake and Hennepin? There were two locations, I believe). They had a loyal following of customers and I think they were run as a cooperative.

Riverside Cafe

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When I used to visit my big brother at Augsburg College in the late sixties, the Riverside Cafe had a cup on the counter (you ordered from the counter and picked up your order there, too.) You paid whatever you could afford and put the money in the cup. What a revolutionary idea! I was fascinated and impressed. Later they began to charge like regular restaurants did, but they remained somewhat counter-cultural and an important landmark on the U of M's West Bank. They were one of the earlier restaurants to cook with whole foods, and a neighbor to the North Country Coop, which was just a little further down Riverside.

Breakfast at Mama's

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This restaurant was owned by the same family as Mama's Restaurant (Italian food). Mama's was shut down after at least two outbreaks of hepatitis, so I guess there was good reason. But Breakfast at Mama's (also on the West Bank of the U of MN campus) had the extra benefit of being open all night (why don't more restaurants have all-night hours?) A great place to go at 3 in the morning and have coffee and a freshly baked muffin, or a complete breakfast.

Lincoln Dell

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A long-time family restaurant with several locations; the one we frequented was on Lake St. Extension in St. Louis Park. A classic Jewish deli that was a little pricey, but with wonderful food--I had cravings (and still do) for their chopped chicken liver pate with raw sweet onions. Matzo ball soup, huge chef salads, wonderful desserts--and after you paid, you had to walk past the bakery counters and see all the wonderful breads, desserts, and take-out food. A great place to gather with friends after a show. I miss this place so much.

Abdul's Afandi


Not sure about the spelling of that second word. Maybe somebody else remembers and can help me out. This restaurant was located on Nicollet Ave and about 26th St. in Minneapolis. Great Middle Eastern food, and a belly dancer several days of the week. I'm not sure how authentic it is to have a belly dancer at a restaurant, but it made this a really fun place to take out-of-town guests from North Dakota. Lots of atmosphere here.

The Blue Heron Cafe

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A great vegetarian restaurant, on Lake St and Bryant (? or close by), this restaurant was run by Zen Buddhists and served the best tofu burger I have ever had. Of course the food was all fresh and healthy. Service had a Zen quality to it, too--very laid back and peaceful! I still have a cookbook they published in 1981(Vol. 2, so there must have been at least two cookbooks). Recipes include zucchini-mushroom soup, curried Indian pea spread, and onion torte. Nancy Ann James is listed as the proprietor.

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