December 13, 2006

talk about last minute.

Yeah so im kind of writing all of these blogs last minute because i forgot about them. Not that it was a bad assignment, i just think that one of the reasons it was hard for me was I really hate WebCT as was evident in one of my posts. I think its an awfull system for assignments and its slow and laggy. It takes forever to log in because it and mozilla dont get along very well. If i had another shot at this assignment i would have tried to get more done earlier instead of saving them for the last minute... But thats just kind of who i am.

School o' Music.

So ive neglected to pracitice my sax enough to audition for next semester. Ill have to wait to audition in the spring semester for fall semester. If that made any sense. I didnt feel confident in what i had prepared because im trying some pretty difficult music and dont want to look like im a terrible musician.

Matt sucks.

Yeah im actually just starting to run out of ideas on what to blog about. Matt our neighbor is losing to Eric in madden so that makes Matt suck. its 34 to 15 with 1:52 left to go in the 4th. Though its not really fair since Eric is basically the madden master. He plays so much he can kill anyone in it.

Insight bowl here i come.

I leave for tempe (sp???) Arizona on the 27th. i have to be at Northrop at 5:15. which sucks because i live 30 minutes away. Which means i need to get up at about 4:15. Taylor and geting up early do not go well together. Bowl trip should be fun though. we get like 30$ a day to spend on food so if i play my cards right i can come out of this making money. If i only spend like 3$ a meal.

New years

More traditions for this time of year. I hope this one continues even though we are all off at college. Me and my friends always get together on New years eve and have a huge party. No drinking, just gamin. (yep we are nerds) Its usually held and my friend powers's house but he might not have internet at that time so maybe my house with wireless internet would be the best choice. cant wait to see all those kids over break, gunna be some good times.


Christmas rules. every time this year just brings back memories of when i was little and how exciting christmas was. How i used to get up at like 6:30 to make my parents get up so we could open presents. One of my favorite parts of christmas now is our anual Christmas eve party at our house. All the relatives come over for dinner and such. All of my bros, and cousins game it up in the basement until we play the dice game. Good times.

Warming houses

So when i go home over winter break ill resume my old job of working at the warming houses. Which basically is, open warming house. Sit. count how many people are their every hour. Sit. Close warming house. Not a bad gig. I need to make some money this winter. College is $$$.

This weekend.

Instead of being nervous for finals like most people im nervous for my corps. audition this weekend. Ive recieved some info and talked to the director who says Ill be fine if i show improvement between camps. Im still nervous though because i pretty much suck at mellophone at this point because ive never played a brass insturment before. Although part of me is excited too. Im pumped to think that i could make it. Even if i don't ill have learned to play a brass insturment out of the deal and i can always audition next year.

Corps. Again

Not only am i audition for a corps but i have some friends doing the same. Woody is auditioning for Blue Stars pit. So hopefully i can make it and we march together this summer. Joe is auditioning for the Cavaliers (Top 3 corps.) hopefully he makes it since ive heard of some people being turned down already. And my other friend is auditioning for Phantom Regiment. Good luck to all in their respective corps auditions.

December 1, 2006

More corps.

So my directors from Rosemount are lending me a mello to practice on and audition with. I can not say thanks to them enough for what they have done for me through my career at Rosemount and for what they continue to do for me after i have graduated. They have gone out of their way numerous times to help me, im glad i was lucky enough to have 3 directors that care so much about their students. The camp is in about 3 weeks and nervous and excited at the same time. cant wait!


So Web CT decided to delete my last entry? or actually not "rebuild" it so its just gone. I thought this technology was supposed to make our lives easier not more tedious. Web CT is slow and half the time is undermantience of down because of the traffic flow it has. Guess i get to go retype my last entry.

November 21, 2006

Blue Stars.

So i contacted the director of the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle corps. I will audition their sometime this year! I really need to buckle down and learn to play the mellophone quickly. I cant go to their first camp because i think (maybe?) its on the same day as the indoor concert. Plus even if it wasnt i dont feel comfortable with the mello yet that i would want to audition and look stupid. Im pumped though, i would love to march with them this summer and really hope i make it in.

November 11, 2006

so blogs...

This blog thing doesnt seem to be working very well for me. I thought it was a great idea at first and kept up with it. But slowly i started to realise that basically nobody reads these... I got one comment from someone not in the class. Dont get me wrong that comment made my day when i read it. I always love to hear from other marching band fanatics out their. I dunno, i think ill take one more run at blogging then who knows...

October 30, 2006


I have been very fortunate in the types of work i have done in my life. My first job was my sophmore year in highschool. I worked for the city of Rosemounts park and rec office. I was a warming house attendant. I got to sit in warming houses and make sure everything went alright while doing my homework. So every winter since then i have had this job. Since thats a seasonal job i have a summer job aswell. This one is a little bit more work but more entertaining aswell. I also work for park and rec during the summer. During the summer I run games in the park for kids anywhere from 3-12

October 24, 2006

Papers,another woops, and BoA

Well once again ive fallen behind on this blog so i thought i would update on several things. Research papers! Well on the long bus ride to St. Louis (more on this later) i gave a lot of thougt to my research paper and finally decided to change my topic to Media Violence because its actually more intersting to me. This seems like more of a sturdy topic than the one i thought of earlier.

Now onto my favorite topic! Marching band!. BoA (Bands of America) St. Louis super regional was this past weekend. Their was around 50 bands competeing. Rosemount made finals placeing 7th overall. Im so proud of them, they had such a great finals show. All the bands did a fantastic job. One of my favorite shows that i saw was Blue Springs, i thought they had some really exciting drill. Their were a few bands that i didnt get to see that i really wanted too. Of the bands that made finals their were only 3 that i didnt see. Blue Valley West, Irondale, and Broken Arrow, I did hear from a good friend that all three had excellent shows.