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Maybe this whole "strategic positioning" will turn out OK after all?

I was so pleased to be at the press conference where the Unviersity introduced Darlyne Bailey as the new Dean of the "new" College of Education and Human Development - which interestingly has the same name as the old College. She is both the first woman and first African American Dean at the college. After the press conference, we were looking at the College's Centennial publication which had a section with pictures of all the white, male deans. They did have one female acting Dean, Marcia Edwards - acting dean 1952, 1963-1964. This was her entry:

(Ph.D., ’35, Graduate School) A master administrator, Edwards was urged by University President James Lewis Morrill to assume the deanship permanently, but she refused. Although she regarded herself as qualified to assume the responsibilities of dean, she believed that Minnesota educators were not ready to see a woman as leader of the College of Education.

I'm glad times have changed since then.


Did you stop writing?