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Why I started a blog

When I taught Community Organizing and Advocacy in Cyberspace 4 years ago, we barely mentioned the role a "blog" would have in politics, advocacy or anything else. Now there are 37 million blogs in the world, and their influence has grown rapidly. The Christian Science Monitor describes today their rise in power and popularity today. One recent example is how the biting Stephen Colbert roast of George W. Bush (which you must watch if you have not yet seen it), did not make it into the morning papers the day after it occurred. It was only after extensive blogging about the roast did it really get mainstream media attention. With blogs being so popular now in politics, culture, advocacy, and just about everything else, I decided that I better start one too. So, that's why I started a blog!


I watched the Colbert presentation again with the same fascination as the first time. I am reminded how uncomfortable the truth can be, especially in the face of someone ultimately responsible for global misteps.