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Dilbert on the benefits of "face to face" communication

Today's Dilbert comic strip, which I generally don't appreciate, was right on topic for our class discussion board this week about the strengths/benefits of face-to-face organizing versus virtual organizing. Check it out here.



Can't say I don't agree with the guy in the tie - I don't think I even know what a blackberry is.

Very true Mr. Dilbert. Have you ever seen the drones of people sitting at cafes all on their laptops? Or as someone else described (I think it was Brian) walking around with headphones on, etc. People are together, but they're way far apart.

I will still maintain that this phenomenon does not stem exclusively from the use of technology. I think American culture (maybe others as well) has been heading in a more individualistic and isolationist direction for many years. Chicken and the egg?