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Searching for presents for my Dad

I'm up early, as I woke up and suddenly realized that I don't yet have a birthday present for my Dad, who is turning 80 on Monday. Since my Dad has no obvious hobbies anymore, aside from the Seattle Mariners, the Seattle Times newspaper, napping and bad tv news, and can't eat anything fun, drink anything fun, or get out of the house and do anything fun, I have been searching the Internet for about an hour trying to come up with some idea. It struck me how amazing a tool the Internet can be for this kind of thing in general, but how utterly worthless it is for this task. The search results are all things like, a gift basket with stamps and stationery; or photo collage of family (my Dad would hate it - he is not sentimental). The best I could come up with so far was the G.I. "Joe Lightfoot" collector doll (my Dad's name) on ebay. Of couse, my Dad would not find the humor.

Bill Gate apparently gave his Dad a $33 million donation in his name for his 80th birthday present to fund law students interested in public service. As I'm typing this, I just thought of the perfect present for him! I'm going to donate a brick for him in the new park they are building near his home - which is a park he and his cousins actually helped build originally in the 1960s.