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Web 2.0 - Over already?

A trademark dispute over who could use the term Web 2.0 blew-up last week in the blogosophere, when O'Reilly, who coined the now widely used term, sent a cease and desist letter against an Irish company putting on a conference called the "Web 2.0 Conference". This immediately sent the blogosphere up in arms. While it is now settled, I wonder if this signals the end of the term Web 2.0. Is it really a generic enough term - or even a good enough term to describe the second generation of technology enhanced communication? The term certainly doesn't portray the usefulness of these new technologies for activists!

Speaking of trademarks, some old friends of mine from high school were involved in a similarly silly trademark dispute with Kellogg Cereal. Rob, Leo & Pete started the very successful steel drum band, the Toucans, after learning how to play the steel drums during 0 period in high school. Kellogg's threatened that their band's name "was likely to confuse customers". It took six years, but they evenutally beat Kellogg's. Read the press release of their victory.