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September 24, 2008

Getting ready to go

International travel can be nerve racking. Those of us going on the trip are meeting in St Cloud tomorrow to fill out our paperwork so it's all the same and good to go. Once the visa application is in, it's time for shots! Since I had many of them in 1999, hopefully I can skip some of them. I'm getting excited!

September 19, 2008


I found a good radio program on dogs. I'm a dog nut, so I added it to my blogline. Good to find, I had to tear myself away from it. In Brazil, maybe we can do some recording of sounds of Brazil or interviews.

September 17, 2008


This is pretty cool, I liked the frog one too. What do you think? Can I add my own pictures to it?

First time for everything!

Funny, it knew I hadn't made a blog before so it skipped right to the new blog page. How very smart. I'm not sure how I will use this. I think I could do some fun things with my email list of horse owners in my county. Also, it could be fun with our Small Farm Team. For our MAEAP trip to Brazil, I think Tim plans on making us work a little and post to our blogs.