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October 23, 2008

wrap up

well. That was a good thing to do. It did give me good ideas for use with our small farm team and also some family use. I hope that you keep this page up or list some of the sites somewhere for future reference. I don't think I'll remember alot of the free websites, so it would be able to find them again. I'm bummed I didn't do it in time for an mp3. I did start late, if that counts for anything. :) I would participate in another training. Honestly, Tim said we had to do this one, but it was good. Also, I shared some of the information with my husband, which was kind of fun. An unexpected outcome was thinking of using it for the Wieland Women. I'm pumped to look into sites for that. I'm less intimidated for using the technology in the future. Thanks.


that was delightful. I'll try it some time. Not much else to say about it! Maybe I need a snack.


Interesting article, "Twitter for Academics". I've interested to see how use of this technology evolves. Texting is nice for somethings. I just can't type fast enough and I don't like the smartwords thing where it pics the word for you. I was just thinking I'm going to set up a productivity site for the Women in my family who plan holidays and Wieland Women on the Edge weekends. Emails fly and I think this can help.

side note

I gotta say, one MAJOR drawback to all of these online accounts is keeping track of your logins and passwords. they say you're not supposed to use the same one. Yeah right. It's completely overwhelming and frustrating if you can't remember and the website doesn't help you figure it out. Just had to get that off my chest. thanks. :)

Social Networking

I'm personally rather proud that I've not been to Myspace or facebook. but that's just me. I think there may be some applications with our small farm team and their work. One thing that our classes did was bring together people with similar interests who would never meet otherwise. That networking was very valuble to them. Maybe this can be an extension of that in some way to provide connection outside of the classes. I do think we need to be cognizant of not overdoing though, for those who are not interested in using technology.


Interesting. It would definitely take some time to get used to using those tools. We used Netfiles for our Living on the Land workshops and expo. It was ok. Getting into it was a little tricky, I don't think everyone did get in. Once in it was pretty user friendly. It is bad for photo storage. You can't see thumbnails and you have to select each one individually. So it's better for file sharing. Also doesn't have a comments section like some of these others. Nozbe looks pretty good. My husband is an English teacher and has used Doodle with his class for checking in homework online. That way he doesn't have to download 35 papers from 35 emails. I will continue exploring to see what might be good for our classes and expo. It would be good for tracking publication development from a group too.

Also, at the bottom I saw that you can sign up for basecamp free.

October 22, 2008


Well I started a wiki on wetpaint.com for the Small Farm Team. It should be helpful for organizing our curriculum for our Living on the Land classes. I'll admit I struggle with getting back to my blog to add stuff. I'll get there.