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Interesting. It would definitely take some time to get used to using those tools. We used Netfiles for our Living on the Land workshops and expo. It was ok. Getting into it was a little tricky, I don't think everyone did get in. Once in it was pretty user friendly. It is bad for photo storage. You can't see thumbnails and you have to select each one individually. So it's better for file sharing. Also doesn't have a comments section like some of these others. Nozbe looks pretty good. My husband is an English teacher and has used Doodle with his class for checking in homework online. That way he doesn't have to download 35 papers from 35 emails. I will continue exploring to see what might be good for our classes and expo. It would be good for tracking publication development from a group too.

Also, at the bottom I saw that you can sign up for basecamp free.