Beijing rainstorms leave 37 dead

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By Karen Elizondo

Beijing's reportedly worst rainstorm in 60 years struck on Saturday and continued through the night to Sunday, killing 37 people, BBC News reported.

At least 65,000 people were evacuated Sunday evening, BBC said.

Twenty-five people died from drowning and others from lightning strikes, roof collapses, and electrocution from downed power lines, the BBC reported

The deadly 10 hour storm raised several questions about the response effort of the government and the infrastructure throughout the city, CNN reported.

Many people used social media sites like Weibo -- the Chinese equivalent to twitter -- to express their feelings of anger toward the lack of support given by the government. On user argued that there "was no emergency broadcast system deployed, no government shelters, and no special hotlines," CNN reported.

Others complained about the infrastructure in the city, saying that money was spent to "host the most luxurious Olympics" but not to fix the city's drainage system, CNN reported

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