First pill to block HIV backed by FDA

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By Karen Elizondo

The first drug shown to reduce the risk of the HIV infection was approved by the Food and Drug Administration Thursday, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Gilead Sciences' pill, Truvada, is a new milestone in the 30-year fight against the virus that leads to AIDS, Pioneer Press reported.

In studies, Truvada has shown to be 90 percent effective at preventing the virus when participants used the drug as prescribed, reported NBC News.

Although it was approved, there are a number of concerns accompanying the drug, NBC said.

Many people are worried that the drug might lead to a reduction in the the use of condoms. Another concern is the fear that people may only take the drug for the weekend, using it as a "party drug" when they feel their risk is higher, NBC reported.

According to NBC the drug is $14,000 a year.

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