Rare baby Amur tiger at Minnesota Zoo

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By Karen Elizondo

Chances are better for a baby Amur tiger that was brought to the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley where it will be raised with another newborn of the same breed, the Star Tribune reported Tuesday.

The cub was born on July 1 in the Saint Louis Zoo with a brother who did not make it past the first few critical days of these tigers life, according to the Minnesota Zoo press release.

The cub was brought to the Minnesota Zoo to be hand-reared with another newborn in order for the cubs to "encourage their natural tiger behaviors," the Star Tribune reported.

The cub arrived in Minneapolis on July 19, was examined by veterinarians and joined the Minnesota born cub where hopes are the two will learn from each other, the Press release said.

According to the Star Tribune the Amur tiger is the largest of all cats and has gone through several population changes in its natural habitat of Russia including a low period of only an estimated 20 or 20 in 1940.

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