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Man shoots wife in her hospital bed

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By Karen Elizondo

A 66-year-old man is being held on attempted murder charge after entering the Intensive care unit of a hospital and shooting his wife, the Star Tribune reported.

John Wise of Ohio reportedly walked in to his wife's hospital room at Akron General Medical Center during normal visiting hours, pulled out a handgun and shot her, KSEE24 News reported.

Within one minute security was at the room and a doctor was in a nearby room, the Star Tribune reported.

Barbara Wise, John's wife, was in critical condition Sunday night, the Star Tribune reported.

Akron police Capt. Dan Zampelli said it may have been an attempted mercy killing, the Star Tribune reported.

12-year-old girl steers car after grandfather dies

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By Karen Elizondo

After her grandfather died at the wheel, a 12-year-old New Jersey girl steered the truck to safety, reported.

Miranda Bowman was riding in the passenger seat when her grandfather, Paul Parker, died suddenly from heart failure and she had to take the wheel, reported.

Miranda was not injured in the accident, reported.

Parker told Miranda that he was not feeling well before she heard his head hit the driver's side window. His foot pushed down on the accelerator and Miranda realized she had to stop the car, the Star Tribune reported.

As the car sped to 80 mph Miranda unbuckled and slid over to the driver's side. She saw a red light ahead and thought that she said "I can't hurt anybody else." She drove into a couple trees before the truck came to a stop, the Star Tribune reported.

A woman driving behind the swerving truck called 911, the Star Tribune reported.

The family is in shock. Parker was an active man, the Star Tribune reported.

By Karen Elizondo

Authorities have found an Arkansas girl who was taken by her brother after he allegedly slain their parents, KEYC TV reported.

The girl, Amber Whitlow was found in Memphis, Tenn., with her brother, Antonio Whitlow, just hours after their parents, Annette and Bobbly Whitlow, were found dead in their home, KEYC reported.

Amber showed no sign of injuries, the Star Tribune reported.

At about 3 p.m. Saturday officers recieved a phone call from a church member who saw Annette's body on the living room floor by a fireplace when he went to their house to meet Bobby, the Star Tribune reported.

The police found Bobby's body in the kitchen. The weapons reportedly used were a knife or other cutting instrument, the Star Tribune reported.

Minnesota's fight against sale of designer drugs

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By Karen Elizondo

A new law effective Aug 1 in minnesota has made the sale of synthetic drugs in Minnesota a felony, the Star Tribune reported.

Government and law enforcement officials are cracking down on synthetic drugs that have been linked to at least two deaths in Minnesota, the Star Tribune reported.

The crackdown, not limited to just Minnesota, is a nationwide effort driven by a federal ban on 26 different synthetic drugs that was signed by President Barack Obama this month, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

The ban has led to 265 search warrants in 90 cities being carried out. Law enforcement executed raids nationwide in sales establishments and manufacturing locations, reported MPR.

In Minnesota officials raided Last Place on earth head shop and collected 20,000 packets of synthetic marijuana, MPR said.

Nationwide agents collected 4.8 million packets of synthetic marijuana, enough material to produce 13.6 million packets, 167,000 packets of "bath salts" and enough material to produce 392,000 more, according to MPR.

The law in Minnesota provides the Pharmacy Board the authority to "speed through new rules to keep up with the fast-changing formulas" that have been used to get around current law, the Star Tribune reported.

Rare baby Amur tiger at Minnesota Zoo

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By Karen Elizondo

Chances are better for a baby Amur tiger that was brought to the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley where it will be raised with another newborn of the same breed, the Star Tribune reported Tuesday.

The cub was born on July 1 in the Saint Louis Zoo with a brother who did not make it past the first few critical days of these tigers life, according to the Minnesota Zoo press release.

The cub was brought to the Minnesota Zoo to be hand-reared with another newborn in order for the cubs to "encourage their natural tiger behaviors," the Star Tribune reported.

The cub arrived in Minneapolis on July 19, was examined by veterinarians and joined the Minnesota born cub where hopes are the two will learn from each other, the Press release said.

According to the Star Tribune the Amur tiger is the largest of all cats and has gone through several population changes in its natural habitat of Russia including a low period of only an estimated 20 or 20 in 1940.

Two Iowa girls believed to be abducted

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By Karen Elizondo

Evidence that FBI has uncovered brings hope to a small Iowa community that two missing girls are still alive, ABC News reported.

Friday the FBI found evidence leading them to believe that cousins Elizabeth Collins, 8, and Lyric Cook, 10, who were reportedly abducted on July 13, are still alive, reported ABC News

The two girls were at their grandmother's house when she let them go for a bike ride around 12:15 p.m. and they never came back, the Star Tribune reported.

The girls' bikes were found along with one of the girls' purses at around 4 p.m. on a trail near their grandmother's house, the Star Tribune said.

The man-made lake next to the trail has been partially drained and it has been ruled out that the girls did not drown, the Star Tribune reported.

Officials have questioned family members, including Lyric's father, Dan Morrissey, and mother, Misty Cook-Morrissey both of whom have a history of methamphetamine-related charges. Dan Morrissey has also been charged with assaulting his wife, the Star Tribune reported.

By Karen Elizondo

Twelve are dead and at least 38 injured after a gunman attacked a movie theater during the midnight showing of Batman early Friday, CNN reported.

The shooting happened just minutes after "The Dark Knight Rises" began. The gunman came in through a door near the front of the screen, throughout a canister that filled the auditorium with gas and began shooting, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The suspect was found in the back parking lot of the theater after the shooting. He was identified as James Holmes, 24, of Aurora, CNN reported. He is in custody.

Authorities said Holmes did not resist arrest, CNN said.

Four guns were recovered including a rifle, a shotgun and two handguns, CNN said. In addition, the suspect told police that his apartment might have explosives inside, the LA Times reported.

Police were evacuating and searching the apartment building that Holmes resided at, LA Times reported.

Barge sinks in Lake Huron

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By Karen Elizondo

A 110-foot dredging barge sank along with its tugboat in Lake Huron Thursday, the Star Tribune said.

For reasons unknown so far, the barge carrying about 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel, called Madison, began sinking at about 4:35 a.m, the Star Tribune Reported.

Diesel fuel is leaking into Lake Huron from two vents that crews a are not able to get closed, The Times Herald reported.

There is no knowledge of how much fuel has leaked but there is about a 500-foot sheen on the surface, the Star Tribune said.

There were no injuries, the Star Tribune reported.

Booms have been put in place in order to contain the water, but the weather is making them defective, The Times Herald reported.

Beaches have been closed in the country until more information is received, added The Times Herald.

Missing man found dead three weeks later

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By Karen Elizondo

An 82-year-old man was found dead in his pickup truck in the woods after being missing for three weeks, the Star Tribune said.

Edward Krueger was reportedly driving from his home in Chicago to visit family in Minnesota when his pickup left Interstate 90, crashed through a fence and finally stopped in the woods, reported the Star Tribune.

A crime alert for a missing person was issued on Monday in Minnesota, reported the Star Tribune.

Krueger had been last seen driving his 1994 Dodge Ram pickup truck on June 29, reported CBS Minnesota News.

CBS also reported that authorities do not think there are any "suspicious circumstances" related to the accident.

Shipment to cuba resumes after 50 years

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Karen Elizondo

For the first time in 50 years maritime shipments directly from Miami to Cuba resumed Friday, reported the Associated Press found in the Star Tribune.

The shipments will be charitable aid and packages for family hand friends living in Cuba, the Associated Press said.

The ship, Ana Cecilia, arrived early Friday morning to an unaware Cuban public. The Cuban media has not mentioned anything about the event, the only way anyone knew of it was through word of mouth, the Associated Press Reported.

According to NBC Miami, there is controversy over the packages that will be sent once a week. Some Cuban exiles have said they think the shipments might violate U.S. Law.

Congresswoman Lleana Ros-Lehtinen wrote a letter to the federal government asking to investigate the maritime shipment to see if there are law violations in regards to the trade of goods, reported NBC Miami.

International Port said that they have followed the law and have the licenses and permits necessary under the law, NBC Miami reported.

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