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Man shoots wife in her hospital bed

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By Karen Elizondo

A 66-year-old man is being held on attempted murder charge after entering the Intensive care unit of a hospital and shooting his wife, the Star Tribune reported.

John Wise of Ohio reportedly walked in to his wife's hospital room at Akron General Medical Center during normal visiting hours, pulled out a handgun and shot her, KSEE24 News reported.

Within one minute security was at the room and a doctor was in a nearby room, the Star Tribune reported.

Barbara Wise, John's wife, was in critical condition Sunday night, the Star Tribune reported.

Akron police Capt. Dan Zampelli said it may have been an attempted mercy killing, the Star Tribune reported.

One dead after Minneapolis house fire

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By Karen Elizondo

An early morning house fire at a 112-year-old house killed one and hospitalized four others, the Star Tribune reported.

At about 4:30 a.m. firefighters responded to a call to the 2800 block of First Avenue South where they found five people inside the Star Tribune reported.

One person died at the scene and the remaining four were sent to the hospital where their conditions are unknown as of Saturday night, the Pioneer Press reported.

The family who had been inside the house had been renting it for about a year, the Pioneer Press reported.

By Karen Elizondo

Authorities have found an Arkansas girl who was taken by her brother after he allegedly slain their parents, KEYC TV reported.

The girl, Amber Whitlow was found in Memphis, Tenn., with her brother, Antonio Whitlow, just hours after their parents, Annette and Bobbly Whitlow, were found dead in their home, KEYC reported.

Amber showed no sign of injuries, the Star Tribune reported.

At about 3 p.m. Saturday officers recieved a phone call from a church member who saw Annette's body on the living room floor by a fireplace when he went to their house to meet Bobby, the Star Tribune reported.

The police found Bobby's body in the kitchen. The weapons reportedly used were a knife or other cutting instrument, the Star Tribune reported.

Two Iowa girls believed to be abducted

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By Karen Elizondo

Evidence that FBI has uncovered brings hope to a small Iowa community that two missing girls are still alive, ABC News reported.

Friday the FBI found evidence leading them to believe that cousins Elizabeth Collins, 8, and Lyric Cook, 10, who were reportedly abducted on July 13, are still alive, reported ABC News

The two girls were at their grandmother's house when she let them go for a bike ride around 12:15 p.m. and they never came back, the Star Tribune reported.

The girls' bikes were found along with one of the girls' purses at around 4 p.m. on a trail near their grandmother's house, the Star Tribune said.

The man-made lake next to the trail has been partially drained and it has been ruled out that the girls did not drown, the Star Tribune reported.

Officials have questioned family members, including Lyric's father, Dan Morrissey, and mother, Misty Cook-Morrissey both of whom have a history of methamphetamine-related charges. Dan Morrissey has also been charged with assaulting his wife, the Star Tribune reported.

By Karen Elizondo

Twelve are dead and at least 38 injured after a gunman attacked a movie theater during the midnight showing of Batman early Friday, CNN reported.

The shooting happened just minutes after "The Dark Knight Rises" began. The gunman came in through a door near the front of the screen, throughout a canister that filled the auditorium with gas and began shooting, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The suspect was found in the back parking lot of the theater after the shooting. He was identified as James Holmes, 24, of Aurora, CNN reported. He is in custody.

Authorities said Holmes did not resist arrest, CNN said.

Four guns were recovered including a rifle, a shotgun and two handguns, CNN said. In addition, the suspect told police that his apartment might have explosives inside, the LA Times reported.

Police were evacuating and searching the apartment building that Holmes resided at, LA Times reported.

A New York man was convicted and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison on a charge of organ trafficking Wednesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

In addition to his prison sentence, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, the first person in the United States convicted of trafficking human organs, was ordered to forfeit $420,000 in fees he received for his black market business, reported the Star Tribune.

Rosenbaum reportedly sold three Americans kidneys from Israeli recruits who had a "desperate need for cash," said the Star Tribune.

One of the paid donors, Elahn Quick, testified in court and said he was paid $25,000 to donate. He said he thought he was doing a good deed but got cold feet while he was lying on the surgery bed, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Quick said he realized he didn't want to go through with the surgery just seconds before the anesthesia, he tried to stop the surgery but couldn't communicate it clearly to the surgeon before he fell asleep. Quick woke up without a kidney, reported the Star Tribune.

Quick told the press that he felt victimized, reported the StartTribune.

Shipment to cuba resumes after 50 years

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Karen Elizondo

For the first time in 50 years maritime shipments directly from Miami to Cuba resumed Friday, reported the Associated Press found in the Star Tribune.

The shipments will be charitable aid and packages for family hand friends living in Cuba, the Associated Press said.

The ship, Ana Cecilia, arrived early Friday morning to an unaware Cuban public. The Cuban media has not mentioned anything about the event, the only way anyone knew of it was through word of mouth, the Associated Press Reported.

According to NBC Miami, there is controversy over the packages that will be sent once a week. Some Cuban exiles have said they think the shipments might violate U.S. Law.

Congresswoman Lleana Ros-Lehtinen wrote a letter to the federal government asking to investigate the maritime shipment to see if there are law violations in regards to the trade of goods, reported NBC Miami.

International Port said that they have followed the law and have the licenses and permits necessary under the law, NBC Miami reported.

Minnesota to receive federal aid for flood damage

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By Karen Elizondo

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton's letter to the Obama administration was responded to Friday with federal aid for the counties and tribal nations affected by last month's floods, reported the Star Tribune.

The public infrastructure damage added up to at least $110 million, reported the Duluth News Tribune.

Residents said they are thankful for such a quick response from the President. Dayton said he did not doubt financial aid would come, it was just a matter of time, according to the Duluth News Tribune.

According to the Star Tribune, some counties have yet to be assessed for the cost of damage and so more aid may be available depending on what those costs are.

Another Wimbledon title for the Williams family

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Serena Williams, 30, took her fifth Wimbledon title Saturday, reported the Star Tribune.
She beat Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland for the championship title making it 10 Wimbledon titles total for Serena and her sister Venus, reported the Star Tribune.

Serena had been away from tennis for about a year after she won the Wimbledon in 2010 from a foot injury and a pulmonary embolism that prevented her from playing, reported the Los Angeles Times.

"A few years ago, you know, I was in the hospital, and now I'm here again. It's so worth it, and I'm so happy," Serena said according to the LA Times.

Serena is the first woman since Martina Navratilova, to win a Wimbledon title at age 30 or older, reported the Star Tribune. Navratilova won in 1990 when she was 33.

By Karen Elizondo

Former University of Minnesota Gopher, was disqualified from the Olympic trials in Oregon Saturday, reported NBC Olympics.

Gabriele Anderson, a 1,500-meter runner, was listed as disqualified after a fellow runner said Anderson had "impeded her," reported the Star Tribune.

Meet referees examined the video of the race and determined that the incident was grounds for disqualification, reported NBC Olympics.

Anderson submitted a petition Saturday Morning to speak with the meet officials and make an appeal. She said she was simply standing her ground when the other runner came into her lane, reported NBC Olympics.

A spokesperson for her Team USA Minnesota said that there tends to be occasional pushing and shoving in these races. In addition, there were not any notifications from the meet officials during the race, reported the Star Tribune.

Anderson has survived two battles with two different types of cancer since 2009 and was "thrilled" to be at the Olympic Trials, reported NBC Olympics.

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